Public Policy

I'm determined to ensure your project's goals align with local leaders and amass a group of supporters to help advocate its realization. I can help you find an audience and craft a story that resonates with the public and policymakers.

Bull Creek Mobility

An overview of the changes coming to the intersection of Bull Creek Rd. and W. 45th St. in Central Austin as part of the development of The Grove.


Austin's Housing Crisis

An in-depth look at how resistance by homeowners historically results in less dense developments nearby, and the impact an overall need for housing is having on Austin's most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Somber Road to 'Vision Zero'

Loved ones remember those killed on Texas roads, seeking change to prevent future preventible deaths.

Mueller's Sustainability Recognized

East Austin's Mueller development is recognized for being one of the greenest communities in the world and helping set international LEED standards.

'Pork Chop' Divides Community

Families in North Austin's Highland neighborhood say the "pork chop" designed to protect families in the Crestview neighborhood puts them at risk.

Lawmakers Limit Drones

The Texas Legislature enacts new drone regulations, preventing unmanned aerial aircraft from flying over sensitive properties.