Health Care

Health care impacts every person on Earth. I strive to find the ways health care providers are improving patient care, so their quality of life is improved. As the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic showed us, the community can play a key role in helping others.

ECMO Team Treats COVID-19 Patients

A team of 80+ nurses and physicians at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix are using ECMO, an organ bypass machine, to oxygenate blood in patients with COVID-19 who cannot take in sufficient oxygen on their own or with the assistance of a ventilator.

Creating PPE for COVID-19

A fashion incubator transformed its runway into a PPE factory, where it’s churning out 500 isolation gowns a day to protect health care workers at Arizona's largest health care providers. Arizona Apparel Foundation’s also asking the public’s help, so it can ramp up production to create 25,000 gowns a week.

Teenage Weight Loss Surgery

A 13-year-old girl undergoes bariatric surgery to treat severe obesity, which Robin Blackstone, MD, says is largely passed down from her parents. Both were obese when she was born. In fact, new research shows weight loss surgery like the gastric sleeve can prevent the genetic component of severe obesity from being passed down to the next generation.

Nurses Deploy to Treat COVID-19 Patients

Ten nurses from Phoenix-area Banner Health facilities deployed to northern Colorado to help care teams treat patients with COVID-19. The owner of Swift Aviation donated the flight from Phoenix to Greeley, so crews could arrive quickly and safely.

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Benjamin Lee, MD, utilized chemotherapy and robotic surgery to save both of his patient's kidneys, remove tumors the size of a grapefruit and football and avoid dialysis. Dr. Lee is the chief of urology at Banner – University Medicine in Tucson.