Voter Outreach

I'm dedicated to providing candidates the tools they need to reach constituents and lay out their plans to improve lives through policy. I spent eight years covering state and local politics in Austin, TX for a 24-hour cable news station. I know how to translate complex policy matters into something tangible to help viewers--and voters--relate to its impact. I've spent years studying and refining SEO (search engine optimization) to gain maximum reach and high engagement. These proposals are designed for the two largest social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.


This is your elevator pitch. The plan would provide you with five testimonial-style video clips that are each about 0:30 to 0:45 in length. They feature the candidate on camera, as well as a few cutaways and b-roll illustrating the point your discussing. These would designed for a strategic deployment over a one-month span.


This plan expands upon the testimonial-style model and include a longer form issue-focused piece to describe a primary plank of the campaign. While up to five testimonial-style video clips would be included, this would also include a video clip that spans about 1:30 to highlight the candidate's plan. It could include an interview with a key stakeholder in addition to the candidate interview.


This plan provides a cache of materials to be deployed by the campaign leading up to Election Day. In addition to the testimonial-style videos that focus on attracting new supporters, this will provide candidates the opportunity to fully tell their story. What prompted you to seek elected office? Who are the people in your life that inspire you? Where do you see your district in 10 years? How to your life experiences shape your policy stances? This video would be closer to 3:00 in length and be the pinnacle of the video marketing campaign. Ideally, this would provide voters the information they need to determine how they'll vote. It's your debate talking points, condensed.


A key to engaging voters through video is to ensure candidates come across at-ease, knowledgeable and composed. I will help you craft talking points, rehearse delivery and ensure you can handle the most difficult of news conferences. I will share strategies to help you deliver a compelling response in every instance.